Politics and Theology

This is not an exhaustive dissertation on the subject of politics and theology, but a brief blog based solely on my thoughts at a Coffee Shop.  Don’t overanalyze…

If you are a Christian, saved by the grace of Christ and given the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, then you have a political bent based upon theological presuppositions.  Politics and theology is a conversation that has been the core of much theological conversation for thousands of years.

YHWH’s (God) people, have been political either as a unified group or individuals scattered across the world since the time of Abraham.  They had to make decisions based upon their knowledge of who YHWH desired for them to be and what He wanted for them to be about.

During the time of Christ, this was the pivotal point of argument, Jesus upsetting not only the religious, but because the religious and political were so intimately intertwined, He was upsetting the political atmosphere of the 1st Century Roman World.  The accusations brought against Him during His trial before Pilate at the beginning were religious, but then turned political, claiming “If you release this man, you are not Caesar’s friend. Everyone who makes himself a king opposes Caesar.”  Even their religiously damning phrase they yelled out showed what side they rested politically “We have no king but Caesar.”  They at this point abandoned the covenant in order to condemn a man of breaking the covenant.

Paul and Peter were both martyred under not strictly religious charges, but political.  Their deaths were political statements.  The boiling of John alive was a political statement.  The state of the Roman church, after being given credence as the state religion took on a mix and mesh of political affiliations and assertions.  The church became the state and the authority of the church, and essentially “Christ” took over the governing authorities to make Jesus the state and the state the proprietor of faith.  Thus began a union that has raged these last 1500 years.  We have seen massive struggles, reformations, revolutions, crusades, and “enlightenments” along the road of religious political discovery.

So it boils down to this…2012, or whatever year you are reading this in, the current day, having thousands of years of history, experience, blood, tears, wars, cultural development, and religious reformation to shape and influence who you are today.  There is much discussion of Obama vs. republicans, and the very prominent potential for the fall of capitalism and reform to socialism.  Yet in the midst of constant and ever present change, YHWH is still the same.  He is the same today, yesterday, and forever.  The Word of God is true no matter what culture, no matter time, no matter the political, social, or economic state we are in…we (humanity) are dead in our sins, and the grace of God has desired to pursue people for His name’s sake bringing dead people to life, filling them with His Holy Spirit who will rise with Him in the last day and be resurrected unto eternal life with Him in His glory.  It doesn’t matter what country or culture, political, economic, or social context we live in…we will live in eternity with the ultimate “Libertarian” of them all needing of nothing but YHWH.  Let us live like this now…eyes captivated by and fixed upon the reality of eternity with our Saviour.

All this to say…America…democrats…republicans…libertarians…constitutionalist…green …independent…does it matter which one you are if you are a Christian?  What are your theological foundations for choosing which party to be aligned with, if indeed you are or feel theologically inclined to be politically aligned.  Is Jesus a socialist/marxist?  Is Jesus a capitalist?  Is Jesus an anarchist?  Is Jesus a communist?  Is Jesus any “ist” at all?  How has Christ called us to live within our context with the power of the gospel through the Holy Spirit?  That ought be our greatest question…


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